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Apache Bridal&Couples Showers !!


Apache Bridal&Couples Showers !!

This Group Celebrates the Bridal Showers given for our Fellow Apaches Alumni & their family/ friends & it celebrates the days before their wedded bliss!! (ALL are Welcome to Join & add/upload your Baby Shower photos), THANKS!!

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Comment by Phoebe Macon on September 20, 2011 at 1:43am

Thanks Tiffany,

I'm glad that you enjoyed the Bridal Shower photos. Please feel free to add yours and your families and friends photos to the Group. It's great to share!!

Love and Blessings, Phoebe


Comment by Tiffany Jackson on September 19, 2011 at 7:10pm


The Bridal Shower photos are lovely. It's always nice to see lady friends supporting each other and showering one another with gifts before their wedding day. Thank you again Phoebe for taking the time to scan and post all of these beautiful photos that you took  and those that others photographed with you so that we can look a them when we want to over and over again. I feel as if I was celebrating with all of you as well. I look forward to seeing more and more so please keep them coming!

Love, Tiffany J.


Comment by Phoebe Macon on September 19, 2011 at 2:16am

More Bridal Shower Photos: Enjoy!!


(From College) Friend Renee Reynolds-Carmack-Jackson's Bridal Shower




(Bride-to-Be: Renee Reynolds-Carmack-Jackson)


(Phoebe Macon & Friend Lisa heading to  Renee's Bridal Shower)

(Friend Beverly Elaire, Renee's Cousin, College Friend Carol Ross-Molett and Bride-to-Be Renee)


(Renee's Grandmother, Renee's Cousin, College Friend Cynthia Morgan-Williams and Bride-to-Be Renee: Shower Given at Cynthia's Townhouse)


(Happy Bride-to-Be with her beautiful gifts)



(Co-worker: Diane Hebert's Bridal Shower)


(Jumbo Wedding Card for Bride-to-Be  from STD Program Staff Members)


(Bride-to-Be Diane Hebert)


(Co-worker Kim Coffee & Friend of Bride-to-Be)


(Co-workers Phoebe Macon, Bride-to-Be Diane Hebert and Rose Wang)


(On the Right: Co-worker Patty Ornels & Friend)


(Co-worker Melinda Barrios & Bride-to-Be's Best Friend)


(Seating: Co-worker Kim Coffee & Standing Sisters of Hostess Melinda Barrios)


(Ladies having fun making Bridal Dresses out of toilet paper)


Comment by Andrea Williams on September 19, 2011 at 1:30am
I love all of the Baby Shower photos Phoebe. You're truly blessed and have been a blessing to others. Please keep sharing, I love it!

Love Andrea


Comment by Phoebe Macon on September 19, 2011 at 1:28am

These are just a few of the Bridal Shower photos that I could post. I have loads of others but they include strippers and the pics are not appropriate for the website. I hope that all of you will enjoy these pics that i posted, and that you will soon post your own Bridal Shower photos that you may have. Thanks and Have a Great Day!!

Love and Blessings, Phoebe


Comment by Phoebe Macon on September 19, 2011 at 1:25am

2010: Kim Harrison's Bridal Shower (That We The Health Ed. Unit Threw For Her At Work)






















(Gift Winner: Susan Perez-Amador)


(Gift Winner: Phoebe Macon c/o '75)


2009: Betsy Swanson's Bridal Shower (That We The Health Ed. Unit Threw For Her At Work)





(Bride-to-Be Betsy Swanson-Hollinger, Co-workers Nancy Williams, Ana Hernandez, Mickey Payne, Nicole Vick and Honor Rae Patterson-Drake c/o '79)


(Co-worker Phoebe Macon)


(Co-workers: Nicole Vick, Ana Hernandez, Honor Rae Patterson-Drake c/o '79. Sally Villanueva, Maria Venzor)


(Game Time!!)


(Co-workers: Harlan Rotblatt, Nancy Williams: Gift Winner, Lorraine Williams)



(Gift Winner: Nicole Vick)


Gift Winner: Honor Rae Patterson Drake c/o '79)


(Gift Winner: One of our Program Doctors)


(Bride-to-Be: Betsy Swanson-Hollinger opening her gifts!!)


2009: April King's Bridal Shower (That The Nursing Unit Threw For Her At Work)






1987: Cynthia Morgan's Bridal Shower (Given By Us Her College



1987: O.Z.'s Bridal Shower (Given By Her Cousin)




1984: Renee Reynolds Bridal Shower (Given By Us Her College & High School Bridesmaids)


1982: Phoebe Macon's Bridal Shower (Given by Her College Friend & Classmate Renee Reynolds)








(Friends: Elaine Sanders, Patricia Gray & Myra Reed)


(Friends: Renee Reynolds & Elaine Sanders)


(Friends: Natanya Nelson c/o '75, Lanita McElroy-Williams c/o '75, Ruth McElroy c/o '76)


(Friends: Rochelle "Rocky" Marples c/o '76, Beverly Elaire, Carol Ross)


1981: Robin Mathews Bridal Shower (Given by Bridesmaid Phoebe Macon)



(Robin's Sister Patryce Seated to the Right, Her New Sister-in-Laws and her Girlfriends)


1979: (From Church) Norma Smith's Bridal Shower


1979: (From College) Cynthia Whittle's Bridal Shower

Comment by Phoebe Macon on September 8, 2011 at 3:15am

Thanks Tawnette,

I thought so too. I have been to so... many Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and Weddings over the years. I also have given several friends their Bridal Showers and their Baby Showers as well; so I thought it would be a great Group idea. I will post pictures/photos on the Groups as soon as I get a chance to scan them. Tawnette Sis' I am glad that you Joined the Group and that you like it. Have a Very Blessed Day Sis' Girlfriend!! 

Love and Blessings, Phoebe




Comment by Tawnette Fulton- Gilbert on September 6, 2011 at 6:21pm



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