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(Bishops, Elders, Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Deacons, and Evangelists)

Here's a few of them who participate on this C.H.S. Alumni website:

01- Class of 1956 - Carlos D. Caldwell ( of Franklinton, LA.)

02- Class of 1961 - Cassandra Lee Calloway (of Norwalk, CA. - Ordained Minister)

03- Class of 1962 - Bishop Willie W. Williams (of Victorville, CA.)

(Bishop Willie continually provides weekly prayers for the website under "The Apache Prayer "Group. THANK YOU Bishop Willie)!!

04- Class of 1969 - Coney Woodman (of Missouri City, TX.)

05- Class of 1969 -Selena Mosley (of Riverside, CA. -Licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ)

06- Class of 1971 - Benny McCrumby (of Compton, CA.)

(Benny is the President of the C.H.S.A.A. the Centennial High School Alumni Association. THANK YOU Benny)!!

07- Class of 1971 - Geary Faggett ( has a MUSICAL MINISTRY)  (of Long Beach, CA.)

08 - Class of 1971 - Lavonne Robertson-Brown (Pastor) (of Conyers, GA.)

09 - Class of 1974 - Kenneth Williams (Pastor) (Compton, CA.)

10- Class of 1974 - Roosevelt Brown (of Portland, OR.)

11- Class of 1975 - Rodney Friend (Minister & has a MUSICAL MINISTRY) (of Los Angeles, CA.)

12- Class of 1975 -  Clarence Terrell Jr. (of Visalia, CA.)

13- Class of 1976 -  Eldred Smith (Pastor & has a MUSICAL MINISTRY) (of Los Angeles, CA.)

14- Class of 1976 - Elton Harps-Thornton (a Deacon) (of Lakewood, CA.)

15- Class of 1976 -Steven Windom (a Deacon) (of Claremont, CA.)

16- Class of 1977 - Edith Genise Tyler (a Minister) (of  Faith Inspirational MBC of Compton, CA.)

17- Class of 1977 - Alfred Johnson (Pastor) (of ??? no City or State named)

18- Class of 1978 - Victor Riley (Elder) (of Victorville, CA.)

19- Class of 1978 - Lenora Lee (Ministry) (of Sylmar, CA.)

20- Class of 1978 - Martelle Riley (Pastor) (of Los Angeles, CA.)

21- Class of 1979 - Simmie Sims Jr. (of Compton, CA.)

22 -Class of 1979 - Mike Patton (Minister) (of Independence, MO.)

23- Class of 1979 - Anita Adams-Jones (Minister) (of Compton, CA.)

24- Class of 1980 - Bonita "Bonnie" Thompson (of Inglewood, CA.)

25- Class of 1980 - Preness Esters-Marks (of Bellflower, CA.)

26- Class of 1981 - James Washington Sr. (of Euclid, OH.)

27- Class of 1981 - Dewayne Scaife (Minister) (of Bristow, OK.)

28- Class of 1984-  Anthony D. Gray (of Compton, CA.)

29- Class of 1987 - O.G. McClinton III (of Inglewood, CA.)

30- Class of 1988 - Marcus Mooney (of Las Vegas, NV.)



(This info. is also posted under the "Apache Class Year Facts" Group)!!



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Alumni: Please Keep Bishop Willie W. Williams, Jr. In Your Prayers For A Successful Surgery !!

Started by Phoebe Macon. Last reply by Wayne Ware c/o '75 (WebMaster) Mar 2, 2016. 1 Reply

Amen to the Tuesday prayer Bishop Willie & God bless you.Dear Lord, We lift up your servant Bishop Willie W. Williams, Jr. to You regarding his Surgery today. Lord, we know that you are a Great…Continue

Alumni: Please Keep Alumni Lanita McElroy-Williams c/o '75 and the Williams Family in Your Prayers !!!!!

Started by Phoebe Macon Sep 28, 2015. 0 Replies

Hello Classmates: I received a phone call (last Saturday) from Hubert (Twin) Williams c/o '73 who is our Class of 1975 Classmate Lanita McElroy-Williams Husband. He said that Lanita is in the…Continue

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Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on Saturday



How will what you do today be remembered tomorrow?
The things you say today, can a child repeat tomorrow?
You are living your legacy now, will anyone talk about it after you’re gone?
How will the work you’re doing now speak for you in the future?
Why are you here? Does anyone know?

Will your children be proud after you’re gone because so many have so much good to say about you?
What will people remember about you?
Will God be able to say, “This is my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased?”

If you’re living your life for you now, after you’re gone, there will be no one left to talk about you.
God has given us all we need to give people something good to say about us, and He in turn be glorified.
What are you doing with the gift God gave you to use?
We owe it to our family, friends and especially our children to use our gift; but more importantly, we owe it to God to appreciate the love He placed within us. There is no better way to appreciate God’s gift to us, than to use it to establish our legacy. Will they be able to say, “She/he lived so God could use them?”

How will you be remembered after you’re gone? Or, are you satisfied with, “She/he came, she/he lived, she/he’s gone….that’s all we remember.” Living your life should be more than, “I had fun”, “I did what I wanted”, or “I got everything I wanted”. What an example to provide for your children! . . . attitudes like that are selfish and probably the reason our world is in the shape it’s in now.

How will you be remembered after you’re gone? You don’t care? Your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews care, shouldn’t that be reason enough for you to care? Live life today so someone will have something good to say about you tomorrow.

Written by
Dr. Kimberlyn J. Jones


Bishop Willie Williams
The Prayer Ministry

Comment by Phoebe Macon on Friday

Thank You so much Bishop Willie for your much needed prayer. My Mom was in the hospital for (9 or 10) days and then in the Rehab Hospital for (8 or 9 days) and a Post-Acute Hospital and now she is at home with me.  I'm working with the Elder Care Program to find a place for her to continue her Rehab. If they cannot find a place that I am satisfied with then I will continue to keep her at home with me and have the Home Care Nurse(s)/Worker(s) come in to assist me with her Rehab needs.

Thanks again Bishop Willie for thinking of me and praying for, my Mom and family. I hope that you and your family are doing well and are blessed. I'm taking everything one day-at-a-time. God is so... good and it's all in His hands. He could have took my Mother after her three strokes but he didn't.
Prayers go out to all those who stand in need of prayer !!
Love you Bishop Willie, God bless you & take good care.
Love and Blessings, Your Sister Friend in Christ Phoebe


Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on Tuesday


Good morning Jesus! We bless Your holy Name! This is the day many celebrate Valentines Day; people will hear, “I love You”, candy will be given, flowers will be sent and nice dinners will be enjoyed. We’re thankful for this day, but with You, every day we hear, “I love You”. With You, every day we are blessed with the gift of life. With You every day we are showered with blessings. Thank You Lord for being our Lover every day; we pray each one will know how truly loved we are, and because of You we can experience love every day. We pray for those who are sad today, lift up their head and help them to see, You are the King of Glory, and if invited in, You will give peace that will outlast any candy, flowers or steak dinners. The joy You give is stronger than the biggest hug and can’t be touched by life’s circumstances and situations. We give You praise for this day, another opportunity to experience Your amazing love to us. We’re praying for Monica Shaw and family, asking You to envelop them with Your peace, and keep them reminded of Your promise to always be there . Bless each eye who reads this prayer with a praying spirit, help us to know the best decision we can make today is to talk to You about everything. You are the source of our strength, the giver of our peace and the lover of our soul….we offer praise to You, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Bishop Willie WilliamS
"The Prayer Ministry"

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on February 13, 2017 at 8:12am


O mighty God, how we love, worship, honor, and adore You! You are the only true and living God and we praise You for being alive in us. We thank You for the gift of life this day; we pray each one understands, if You didn’t say “breathe” we would no longer be here. We owe You praise for our life; our praise should be seen in our walk and heard in our talk. We pray each one will appreciate the Creator and Sustainer of all life this day, we pray our appreciation is noticeable to all. Open our ears that we may hear the direction You’re leading us and give us courage to say, “Yes Lord, I’ll go”. There is something You are calling each one of us to do, help us to say, “Yes Lord, I’ll do it”. Open our eyes that we may understand, the world is waiting to be blessed by the gift You planted in us. Help us to stop waiting on the “right time”, the right time is now. Now is the time to step out on faith and press. Now is the time to trust You, if You didn’t intend to use our gift, You would not have placed it there. We WILL trust You today, we WILL do something in the direction of purpose today. We will: reach beyond our comfort zone, let go of pride, dismiss fear and believe we can do all things because Father, it is You giving us the strength. We give You praise for the first day of the best days of our life, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Bishop Willie Williams
The Prayer Ministry

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on February 10, 2017 at 9:45am



When others see you what do they see? Do they see how much you value you? How do they know you are The King’s child? How do you carry yourself? Are you known as a “loud mouth,” someone who won’t take no **** from anyone? What you “show” is how you will be treated.

How people treat us matters…why do I keep getting hurt? Why do I keep ending up in situations I know I’m not supposed to be in? Why don’t they like me? Where is my respect…why do I have to demand it? What you “show” is how you will be treated.

If you’re not approachable, you will not be approached. If you don’t show yourself friendly, you won’t have any friends. If you don’t show love, why are you looking for love? What you “show” is how you will be treated.

Do you value your “stuff and things” more than you value you? It’s noticeable when you value your car, house, clothes, jewelry, shoes, TV, etc…but how can anyone notice how much you value you? What is so special about how you treat you? Do you treat you respectable? Can respect be heard in your talk? Can it be seen in your walk?

We are “The King’s” children, a Royal Priesthood, it should be noticeable. God values you so much, He thought you were worth saving. He values you so much He made only one you…you’re unique, one of a kind. He values you so much He placed a special gift in you to use for His glory. How can anyone see how God values you? If you don’t “show” it, “they” will never know. Or, maybe you don’t appreciate your value . . . how do you value you?

Written by
Dr. Kimberlyn J. Jones

Because of Calvary,

Bishop Willie Williams
The Prayer Ministry

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on February 8, 2017 at 12:14pm


O Lord our God, thank You for smiling on us. Thank You for giving us this day all we need. You are the joy of our salvation, the peace of our mind, and the love in our heart; thank You for being all that You are to us. We're so glad about this day and we purpose in our heart to rejoice all the day long. We're praying for Lawrence Ford, asking for Your mighty healing touch in the Name of Jesus. We're also praying for Geary Faggett as he prepares to enter the operating room, we know You're already there, asking You to make Your presence known in a powerful way. We thank You in advance for Lawrences' healing and Geary's successful surgery. Bless each eye who reads this prayer with all You know we need. Give us a praying spirit and a trusting heart. You are the author and finisher of our faith, and we trust You will complete the good work You began in us. We pray You use us to make today better. We give You praise in advance for a great day. Father, get Yourself glory using us this day, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Bishop Willie Williams
"The Prayer Ministry"

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on February 7, 2017 at 11:13am


O mighty God, we bow before You to worship and adore You. You are our risen King…our faithful God…our loving Savior…our true Friend; without You our life has no meaning. We thank You for opening our eyes to this new day. We thank You for giving us all we need to be victorious today; help us to use all that You have provided. Help us to remember in every situation, prayer is a powerful tool. We pray one for another, open our eyes to truth….more than anything, we need a closer walk with You. More than any relationship, we need a relationship with You. More than stuff and things, we need joy, we must have Your peace and we thank You for Your unconditional love to us always. Father, we surrender our life to You, use us as a channel to be a blessing to Your people. Use us to add light to dark places. Use us to give a smile where sadness seems to prevail. Use us to make someone’s life better today. Help us Lord to let brotherly love continue; give us the courage to forgive and let go. Help us to not react, but rather respond in love. Knowing You are our source, we know we win today, in Jesus Name, Amen.


The Prayer Ministry
Bishop Willie Williams

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on January 26, 2017 at 12:59pm


O Lord, our God, we worship, praise, honor and adore You. We thank You for opening our eyes to see this great day, help us to keep in mind You made this day, so there is nothing about this day You cannot handle. Nothing that has happened, is happening, or will happen, took You by surprise; You knew we would be hurt, You knew we would be disappointed, You knew we would get discouraged, You knew we would fail, and You still let it happen. We pray each one understands as quick as possible, if we trust You through it all, You will show us, all we went through was necessary to get us where You purposed us to be. Help us to know trusting You through it all draws us closer to You and our testimony becomes, I’m stronger, better and wiser; not because we can handle things better, but because we trust You more to handle it ALL. You are the Source of our strength, peace, joy and love, give us the courage to rely on our Source. We lift those who are confused about Your way, those who struggle with Your way, and those who refuse to do things Your way; we pray their eyes of understanding be opened and their will line up with Your will. We pray today be the day we trust You more. We pray today be the day we praise You more. We pray today be the day we do something in the direction of our purpose. We pray today be the day we choose to rejoice and be glad, no matter what, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Bishop Willie Williams
The Prayer Ministry

Comment by WILLIE W. WILLIAMS JR. on January 24, 2017 at 11:35am


Oh how we love You Jesus. Oh how we worship You, Heavenly Father. You are: holy, righteous, omnipotent, love, just, patient, merciful, omnipresent, You know all, see all and can do all. We praise You Father because there has not been one day in our life we had to live without You. We worship You because even when we didn't recognize or respect Your presence, because of Who You are You never stopped loving us. Today, You blessed us with another new day, another chance to show the world how much we love You; we pray each one appreciates today and purposes in our heart to share You with all we come in contact with. We pray the works we do today and the love we share shows all how much we love, honor, and appreciate Your presence with us today, We ask for the release of Your Healing Virtues in and upon the life of our dear sister Phoebe's Mother; Thy Will o Lord be done, and Thy Grace rest upon the entire family, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Bishop Willie Williams
The Prayer Ministry

Comment by Tamara Johnson on January 22, 2017 at 12:36pm

My prayers go out to Phoebe and the Macon family. Phoebe I am keeping you and your Mom in my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's three strokes. I hope that she will be on the mend real soon. Love you Phoebe, please stay strong and keep the faith!

God's blessings to you!

Love Tam


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