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Presented By The Committee To Elect Omar Bradley Mayor Of Compton, CA.


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Comment by Tamara Johnson on March 29, 2013 at 4:57pm

I agree with you Phoebe!

This is a shame and embarassing that the City of Compton's governing body has come to this.. All of their wrong doings need to be made right a.s.a.p. Looks like the mayor and the councilmembers need to be monitored more closely in the future. It should have never got this far and why are their salaries so high when they do not meet that much? I wish that I still lived in Compton so that I could vote. I only hope that everyone that still lives in the city will come out and vote for the citys April election because my hometown City of Compton needs a lot of help.

I will keep my hometown City of Compton in my prayers.

Love Tam

Comment by Phoebe Macon on March 29, 2013 at 12:12pm

Comment by Phoebe Macon on March 29, 2013 at 12:10pm

Thanks Wayne, Omar and KCET for this very informational post!!

This is ridicucously sad and a shame.

Does any of this sound familiar? To me it sounds just like another City not far away that is on trial right now (the City of Bell, Ca.) . Bell, Ca. Council was accused of looting millions of dollars from the city treasury for the Mayor and the City Councilmembers salaries and benefits while their City's residents faced soaring taxes and fees while services declined. To me this sounds just like what's been happening in Compton, Ca.

This needs to stop!! Now once again (just like what happened with the Compton School District years ago) the State has to come in to audit where the money has gone with the City Government. Well now we know (according to KCET's investigation) that it has been going to ridiculously higher salaries that adjacent cities (like Huntington Park do not receive) and that money has been spent frivously on things that were not needed or used; as well as money has been loaned out----but has not been paid back due to the City of Compton's paperwork errors. Yet as Compton Residents we are the ones who have been suffering with high water bills, pot holes all over the streets, trash and graffiti everywhere, no afterschool facilities for the youth to channeled their energies into,etc., etc. The Mayor and all of the Councilmembers should be ashamed of putting the City in this mess. Once again who's in charge on the City Council (and why has there not been any checks and balances put in place).

Thanks again for this important info. and I applaud KCET for the investigation and trying to get to the bottom of this mess. Compton residents like me now know what has been going on with the monies for way too long and also why the City of Compton is BANKRUPT. When Mayor Omar Bradley was Mayor before he was wrongfully accused the City of Compton had a $15 million surplus not a deficit. The Supreme Court overturned Omar Bradley's verdict because he had never done anything wrong in the first place; it was a setup and a shame. OMAR WE NEED YOU BACK. THE CITY HAS NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE YOU LEFT. YOU TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS AND GOT THE JOB DONE.

My hope and my prayer will be that now that the cat is out of the bag that this misuse of funds will STOP!!

Apaches: Don't forget to vote on April 16th for our next Compton Mayor and our next Councilmembers. Our votes count and we all have the ability by our vote to turn things around. If you don't vote; then don't complain. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!

Love and Blessings, Phoebe (A Big Ten Apache & A Concerned Compton, Ca. Resident)

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