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One of the most inspiring books that I have read in my life was Roots, by Alex Haley. It made me aware of how important it is to keep in contact with certain aspects from my past. Legacy is what we leave behind. My legacy includes Centennial Senior High School of Compton. It was there that I first learned about unity, team work, social pride. It was the football team that saved my life, for I came to Centennial of Compton Continuation School. Had I not put on an Apache Football Uniform, I would had most likely darned a prison uniform instead of a United State Navy uniform. 

Yes Centennial is part of my legacy I leave to my children, grandchildren, and my great grandchild. It is the legacy I leave to all young people who look up to me and ask me to share my wisdom. A wisdom that started in 1968 on the corner of Central and El Segundo. 

I will do all I can to help Centennial offer to her current students what she offered to me.

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I was truly touch by your story. Thank you for sharing with us. Let that Apache sprite deep burning.

Nick c/o59

Hey Gordon,

What an encouraging testimony and story that you have; and one that can give many of our youngsters hope. They need men like yourself to be good mentors to them and they need adults to give them hope and encouragement as well as you have done. Way to go Gordon and thanks for sharing with us!!

Love and Blessings, Phoebe





APACHES 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!





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